Weeks of June 2 & 9

I missed last week! I’m so sorry. This one will also have to be brief but I will be better about it next week!

The Public

These have been my first two weeks interning full time at The Public and whilst being insanely busy I’m loving it. We took a tour of the Delacorte Theater in Central Park and learnt the history of it as well as seeing the backstage and behind the scenes areas. Most of the past weeks have been gearing up for opening night of “Much Ado About Nothing” which is tonight, the annual summer Gala, and our first rehearsal for “King Lear.”


I had a refresher rehearsal and three performances of Will which went through to the semi-finals and ultimately the finals of MRT’s spring one-act festival. We did not win but we were the only one-person show to make it through to the finals, and for a competition that's left up to popular vote, that's an accomplishment in itself! I'm very proud of this piece and want to extend a special thanks to playwright Matt Proctor and director Aubrey Snowden for making it happen and taking this journey with me. We then performed it again at the Piney Fork Playwrighting Festival in the same week.


Tufts University held their 10th Annual P.T. Barnum Awards for excellent in media and entertainment. It was really wonderful to connect with alumni in NY involved in the arts as well as honour the outstanding work or the award recipients playwright and director Robert O’Hara, House of Cards author Lord Michael Dobbs, and actor David Costabile.


I took a workshop with Allison Shomer who was wonderfully warm and you could really tell loves working with actors. I very much enjoyed the class and working with her.

What I’m watching

I saw Jack O'Brien's Much Ado About Nothing in previews. It was amazing. Go see it. I particularly loved how neither Beatrice nor Benedick came across as bitter but instead it was a true battle of the wits. And the Delacorte is magical.

Watched the Tony’s. I had only really seen Raisin in the Sun and thought the praise was well deserved. NPH’s performance made me want to see Hedwig and I was extremely impressed with his heel-wearing abilities.

Watched A Chorus Line (the movie) in anticipation of The Public’s Summer Gala celebrating the 40th anniversary of said musical, since I’ve never seen it on stage.

Saw Nebraska which was such an interesting glimpse into really passive characters. As an actor we’re taught to study intentions and actions, looking at how your words affect others and what is it that you’re trying to accomplish with your words? But so many of the characters in this film seemingly had little to no intentions, living in their own world, trying to affect as little as possible.