20 Jan Update!

Hellooo, I hope everyone had a nice long weekend.

I'm a little upset about something, I went to the Dry Bar for the first time this week, and they washed my hair.. Ordinarily this would not be an issue, but they could have called this place anything they wanted to: Wash and Dry Bar, Style Bar, Lucinda's Palace, ANYTHING they wanted to, but they called it the DRY Bar, so I feel a little lied to :( They also serve champagne at the DRY bar so they're really not adhering to any definitions of "dry" at all.

I'm ALSO upset about the fact that Black Box did not win at the Golden Globes, nor were we nominated for an Oscar [what the f**k] and our director was white and male which seems to be the only requirements for being nominated for an Oscar these days *cough cough*

In other news, I've had a productive couple of weeks. I have been sending auditions on tape out to a company in San Francisco that does a lot of site-integrated works at landmarks in the area such as Alcatraz. They don't typically work with out-of-town actors but we've been talking about maybe trying to get me out there which would be a very exciting thing to do a show with them. And I also auditioned for a film, a play, and a print job this week.

I sat in on a teleseminar with Actors Connection that I think was supposed to be about finding and keeping an agent, but for me what resonated from the conversation was really more about mindset, and having a positive approach to your work, focusing more on your successes instead of what seem to be missed opportunities, and how success really builds upon success.

I also went this week to Jackson McNally bookstore that was hosting an event for Annie Baker for her two new plays that have been published and they did a bunch of readings of them - Annie Baker was there - The plays are The Flick and her new translation of Uncle Vanya which was really great to see and the room was packed and it felt like such a supportive environment to listen to her work and see other actors do some readings from her new published plays.

Those are the highlights! Be sure to check out the video for a more dramatic retelling :)